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Mirrored Print Head Configuration

Mirrored print head gives rich & even solid colors during bi-direction printing. GZ nozzle compensation enables nonstop printing when a few nozzles clog.

Auto Capping & Wiping System

Auto Capping & Wiping System with aluminum base cleans the print head nozzle face to achieve excellent printing quality and extend the print head life.

Aluminum beam and pinch rollers

Aluminum beam assures precise carriage movement and long running life.

GZ Greyscale Technology

GZ Greyscale Technology delivers flawless skin tone, smoother gradient ,crisp text and intricate detail without compromising speed.

Bulk Ink Supply System

1.5 L ink tanks and ink cartridges assure stable ink supply and reduce downtime. Non-pump system is suitable for both eco-solvent ink and sublimation ink.

IR Drying System

Smart IR drying system works synchronously with printing, not only drying the printing quickly but also saving energy and securing printing.


Model ThunderJet X1602
Printhead 2 XP600 print heads
Technology Piezo Variable dot (Grayscale)
Ink CMYK Eco Solvent ink
Printing Width Max. 1600mm
Media Type Coated PP, Vinyl, Film, Banner
Roll Diameter Max. 230mm
Roll Weight Max. 20 Kgs.
Core Diameter 3 in (76.2mm) or 2 in (50.8mm)
Drying System Pre, Mid, Post Heaters + IR Drying System
Printing Speed Draft 32m²/h
Production 23m²/h
High-res 15m²/h
Photo 13m²/h
Data Interface SB2.0
Working Environment Temp.23°C~29°C, Humidity:50%~80%
Software Ripprint/PhotoPRINT..+GZ Control console
Power 50Hz/AC,220V+10% 3A(printer)+10A(IR drying system)
Installed/Package Size LxWxH(mm):2550x882x1221/2830x930x950
Gross Weight/Net Weight 354 Kg./204 Kg.
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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