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GZF 3200KM



Up to 14 Konica 1024i high-speed print heads.
Dual water cooling LED UV lamps are effective and energy saving.
Negative pressure system assures stable ink supply and nozzle jetting.
White ink stirring system prevents print head clogging & enables stable printing.
4 Pneumatic rubber rollers and air shaft for steady and accurate media delivery.
Delta servo system assures quiet, stable & accurate carriage movement.
Water cooling printing platen offers wrinkle-free delivery for the temperature sensitive materials.


Konica 1024i print heads
Air Shaft
Water cooling platen
Negative Pressure System
Rubber Roller Feeding System
LED UV lamp & Anti-collision unit


Model GZF3200KM
Printhead 4~14 Konica 1024i
Head Config. 1XCMYK
Resolution 540x720 dpi, 540x1080 dpi, 540x1440 dpi
Curing System LED UV System
Ink UV curable ink
Colors Standard: CMYKLcLm, Optional: W
Ink Supply System Negative pressure system + White ink stirring system
Cleaning System Positive Purging System
Servo System AC motor with speed reducer
Media System 4 rubber rollers supported by air cylinders along the beam
Media Type Backlit, Banner Flex, Canvas, Mesh Paper, Synthetic Paper, PVC,
Reflective Film, Sticker, Tarpaulin, Textile, Vinyl, Wall coverings.
Media Width Max. 3200mm
Printing Width Max. 3200mm
Printing Speed Mode Resolution 1 group head 2 group heads
Draft 540X720dpi 40m²/h 80m²/h
Production 540X1080dpi 30m²/h 60m²/h
High-resolution 540X1440dpi 20m²/h 40m²/h
Photo 720X1440dpi 16m²/h 32m²/h
Data Interface USB3.0
Working Environment Temp.20℃~30℃, Humidity:40%~70%
Software Print Factory(Optional: Onyx)+GZ Print Manager
Image Format Bitmap, TIF, Quark Xpress, JPEG, EPS, PDF
Power Single-phase, 50/60Hz, AC220V+10%, 10A, Regulator: 10kVA
670x480x880mm/740x530x900mm(Water cooling unit)
Gross Weight/Net Weight 2500kgs/3000kgs(Printer); 70kgs/75kgs(Water cooling unit);
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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