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Maximum four print heads in staggered way.
Extreme speed up to 234m²/h!.
Durable Panasonic A6 servo system!.
Negative pressure recirculation system!.
Smart energy-saving IR drier.
Dismount able stand for lower transportation cost.


A wide range of applications solution!

With continuous ink recirculation and robust repairable construction, Dimatix Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation and smooth gradient.

Negative Pressure Recirculation

GZ dual negative pressure recirculation system with pressure balancing unit & pressure protection unit assures steady ink delivery and minimum maintenance.

Robust, durable and precise body

Reinforced CNC aluminum beam and dual linear guides assure high speed, high resolution printing in a long run. *Double linear guides than GZC.

Smart IR drier

One-piece IR drier for easy installation and smart synchronizing function could dry the printing efficiently and save the electricity. *Double power than GZC.

Panasonic A6 servo system

Panasonic A6 servo system has high torque and low vibration, assuring more stable and precise carriage movement

Optimzed feeding and taking up system

Feeding system with redesigned media holder is for easier and humanized operation. Taking up system with pnuematic shaft and dancer bar enables more precised taking up.


Model C3204SG PLUS C3202SG PLUS
Printhead 4 Starfire 1024 2 Starfire 1024
Ink C.M.Y.K Solvent/Eco-solvent
Ink Supply System Negative Pressure Recirculation
Printing Width Max. 3200mm
Media Type Banner, Frontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Film.
Feeding System Automatic media feeding and taking up system with air shaft
Drying System Pre, mid, post and extended heater
plus smart IR drier
Printing Speed 300x400dpi 234m²/h 300x400dpi 129m²/h
600x400dpi 209m²/h 600x400dpi 115m²/h
300x600dpi 163m²/h 300x600dpi 86m²/h
600x600dpi 146m²/h 600x600dpi 76m²/h
300x800dpi 127m²/h 300x800dpi 67m²/h
600x800dpi 112m²/h 600x800dpi 59m²/h
Installed/Packed Size LxWxH(mm): 4840x1195x1530 / 5140x1150x1150
Working Environment Temp.23°C~29°C, Humidity:50%~80%
Software Onyx/PhotoPRINT+GZ control console
Power 50Hz/AC,220V+10% 27A(printer)+380V+10%, 27A (IR)
Data Interface External: USB2.0; Internal:High-speed SCSI
Gross Weight/Net Weight 1150kgs/ 886kgs
Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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